Why bother with training?

Why should you go on a carpet/vinyl training course, I know it all anyway.

Over the five days, you will learn and practice a vast array of fitting techniques and knowledge in every aspect of the trade.

The value of the Irish Flooring Academy is absolutely priceless.

Instructors offer advice, skills knowledge and will help you improve very quickly, you will also realise that you do not know everything.

Whether that is in the domestic or contract side of things.

Most fitters have been taught by the hand me down method, how many installers would know the name of the relevant standard for the installation of textile floor coverings? If you or your company were ever taken to court over a failed installation, how would the installation stand up against the accepted written standard?.

The reason for this is the hand me down method.

In simple terms, the people passing on the skills to others were not themselves trained properly and thus not generally qualified to train others.

Contractors should be serious about training and up-skilling their fitters.

This will build a good reputation for their businesses.

They will seize new and exciting opportunities.

Those who are still unconvinced should consider what an untrained workforce will cost their company, you will be less able to tender for major projects, more likely to receive complaints about faulty workmanship, have to pay for more wasted materials.

Training will actually save you money in the long term. It is an investment in your business.

Now is the ideal time to recruit and train new staff. They are the future of your company and the flooring trade as a whole.

There is an EEC ruling that all tradesmen must have a trade card, in the not too distant future this ruling will be implemented into Ireland.

See elsewhere on this website for all details on the courses available.